Clayton Distillery

As the 1000 Islands region’s first micro-distillery, Clayton Distillery produces premium grade distilled craft spirits from locally grown grains and fruits. Clayton Distillery currently produces vodka, mixed berry vodka, gin, un-aged corn whisky (moonshine), limoncello, strawberry rhubarb liqueur, maple strawberry liqueur, raspberry liqueur, bourbon, maple whisky, cherry whisky, peach whisky and three flavored moonshines. Just us for tastings, tours, and delicious craft beverages!

St. Lawrence Spirits

With a vision, the Garrett’s tackled the restoration of Fairview Manor with a team of local contractors who specialize in their respective crafts. Fairview Manor began as a private home, turned into a “nunnery” for the Sisters of the Holy Cross, and finally was a restaurant before it closed in 2008. Fairview Manor has been repurposed by the Garrett’s to include a Farm-Based Spirits Distillery and Tasting Room. The delicious spirits created here are complimented well by the manor’s breathtaking views of the 1000 Islands.

Dark Island Spirits Distillery

At Dark Island Spirits, we embrace the bootleggers, partiers, and the just plain bored of our not-too-distant past. We are honored to produce and supply like-minded people of the 21st century with “spirits of leisure” worthy of this colorful and hard-fought freedom of recreation. Come check out our distillery and join us for specialty craft beverages!